Tai Chi and Gait Initiation

Several studies have shown that Tai Chi improves balance and prevents falls in older adults. But what is it about Tai Chi that improves postural stability in elderly people? To try and answer that question, one study focused on gait initiation (GI). In the study, all the Tai Chi participants… Continue reading

Tai Chi or Yoga?

If you are unfamiliar with Tai Chi, you may think it’s just like Yoga. While the two do have some similarities they involve distinct movements and principles.  Tai Chi and Yoga are both low-impact, relieve stress, foster relaxation and may even lower blood pressure. However, when it comes to improving… Continue reading

Tai Chi for 2015

It’s a stereotype with some truth to it. When the new year rolls in, losing weight, becoming stronger and eating healthy is on top of the list of our resolutions. Gyms are now full of people motivated to make 2014 the year they meet their fitness goals. The soul is… Continue reading