Tai Chi has the potential to improve the quality of life for many people. These testimonials are from people who have used Tai Chi to improve their lives.

June at the Chen Museum, Chenjiago, China

June at the Chen Museum, Chenjiago, China

 I met Troyce in March 2006 when I went to one of her workshops in the hope of certifying as an instructor to teach the Tai Chi program I had been struggling with for two years.  I was absolutely terrified! Probably that is because I was the oldest student at the training. I was in my late seventies at the time. On the last day, during final demonstrations of what we had learned, I was exhausted and sure that I had failed when she pulled me out of the group.  However, instead of failing me she informed me that I had already passed the final practical exam! I had fallen in love with this “eastern exercise” and I was wishing I had started learning when I was younger.  I had passed the test!!!

She became my hero. I have gone to every workshop/seminar possible for me wherever she has been the Master Trainer. Because of her teaching and encouragement I am still active, going to Tai Chi classes 3/5 times a week and have no intention of stopping my journey any time soon.  I have sent her DVD Tai Chi for Strength and Balance to my sister, following her final dismissal from physical therapy after having back surgery. I am confident it will help her maintain her recovery!




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