Your Body and Balance

Your body is an engineering marvel. It provides a structural support system for all your body weight on your feet, which are relatively small in comparison. That is even so where some of us are heavy with really tiny shoe sizes! Not only must we be able to bend forward, backward, … Continue reading

Sun Style Tai Chi Movements

Basic Tai Chi Movements Void Posture: Wu Ji Shi Tai Ji Posture: Tai Ji Shi Lazily Tying the Clothes: Lan Zha Yi Opening Hands: Kai Shou Closing Hands: He Shou Single Whip: Dan Bian Lift Hands and Step Up Posture: Ti Shou Shang Shi White Crane Cools its Wings: Bai … Continue reading

Styles of Tai Chi

A practitioner of Tai Chi spending some time honing his skill at the beach.

When most people think of the different styles of Tai Chi they usually draw to mind images of the 5 major styles; Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao (Wu) and Sun style taijiquan. Some more knowledgeable practitioners may even think of Zhao Bao, a lesser known but important style of taiji from … Continue reading

Fundamental Principles of Practice

by Tim Cartmell Principle One: Use of Intent The most fundamental and important principle in practicing Taijiquan is the mindful awareness of one’s state of being, and conscious control over one’s structure, breath and movement. The Classics of Taijiquan state the practitioner must “use the intent and not force” when … Continue reading