Tai Chi for Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem for older adults and is often caused by health problems. It may also be a side effect of medication or may be caused by anxiety. More than 50% of older adult patients have reported having problems falling asleep, staying asleep and feeling rested/refreshed the next … Continue reading

Tai Chi may Help with Pain

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. You know that’s a large number, but consider the magnitude. Try and to count to 1 million. Did you know it would take you about six days to count to 1 million? That’s if you did not take breaks to eat and sleep! … Continue reading

Study: Tai Chi May Make You Live Longer

Scientists are constantly discovering more and more exciting benefits of Tai Chi. The most recent study was published in the journal, Cell Transplantation and concluded that people who practice Tai Chi have more of the cells (CD34+) responsible for the renewal, proliferation (rapid growth and multiplication) and cell differentiation (specialization) … Continue reading

Why Tai is an Excellent Workout Choice

We all know we need physical activity to stay healthy. Even then, 60% of American adults don’t engage in their recommended amount of physical activity and more than 25% are completely sedentary. There are a myriad of reasons why we are not working out but the good news is that … Continue reading