Take Charge with Tai Chi

When we think about old age, we can’t help but imagine a decline. Our joints seem to get stiffer and creakier, our muscles get weaker and all in all we just lose the stamina associated with youth. That does not have to be case! The great thing about Tai Chi … Continue reading

Tai Chi for COPD

Strokes are no longer the third leading cause of death in the United States. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) usurped that position. Over 24 million Americans are living with COPD. In fact, it is believed that there are many more who don’t even know they have COPD! COPD is most … Continue reading

Tai Chi and Parkinson’s

By now you are probably tired of us telling you about how Tai Chi improves balance and prevents falls, but that’s because it’s very important. Read our blog post about falls for some of the sobering statistics. Well, I am about to tell you again, but this time I am … Continue reading

The 8 Active Ingredients of Tai Chi.

Time magazine published an article on why tai chi is the “perfect exercise” because of its ease and benefits. Have you considered the idea of Tai Chi as not only the “perfect exercise” but the “perfect medication?” Dr. Peter M. Wayne of Harvard Medical likens tai chi to a medication. … Continue reading

Why you Should Choose Tai Chi

According to a 2007 National Halth Interview survey, an estimated 2.3 million U.S. adults have done tai chi in the past 12 months. The following are just a few reasons why you should consider joining them: “It’s Accessible to Almost Anyone.” When you ask many people, especially those who live … Continue reading