The Tai Chi for Strength and Balance Form

Tai Chi has long been appreciated as an alternative health practice but conventional Western medicine has begun to take note of its benefits. Tai Chi is now being used for balance therapy, postural re-education, core stabilization and to retrain the human gait cycle. The Tai Chi for Strength and Balance form (TCSB) is derived from Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi. It specializes in the exact movement patterns required for safe and stable locomotion. Safe and stable locomotion are they key to maintaining independence and a better quality in life as we get older.

TCSB Stabilizes Your Core

Your core is responsible for balance, posture, coordination and spatial sense. It stabilizes and generates movement. We need a strong or active core to maintain good posture. Good posture improves our balance which in turn promotes a safer gait cycle and an overall improved quality of movement. The muscles we need for a strong core are our deep stabilizers and postural muscles.

The TCSB movements mimic the human gait cycle and strengthen all the core muscles groups by working the entire body. Strengthening your core is important to improve your balance. Apart from core stabilization, TCSB encompasses all of the major exercises for balance.

TCSB Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is important for balance and locomotion. The TCSB movements challenge your mind while working your body. Consequently, practicing these movements develops the neuromuscular connection vital to balance and locomotion.

Additionally, sustained focused attention is how we develop new habits. When our mind and body are in sync, we can identify dysfunctional habits and replace them with habits that promote safe locomotion. For example, we can identify weak or stiff muscles as well as poor posture.

TCSB Exercises All the Major Phases of our Gait Cycle

Instability during any portion of the gait cycle may lead to falls and the inability to prevent falls when we lose balance. The gait cycle includes two phases, the stance and the swing. TCSB teaches us to be stable in the single leg stance, to put our heel down first as we step and to lift our hip and knee high enough to clear whatever is in front of us. We must also control the rise and fall in our center of gravity as we walk. TCSB trains for this very important part of our walking cycle. Additionally, we need spatial awareness and proprioception to be able to coordinate the complex task of walking. The TCSB form focuses on all of these components as you move gently through the form.

If you would like to remain independent and really enjoy your life, you should consider the TCSB form. It will help you stabilize your core, connect your mind and body as well as promote a healthy gait cycle. These benefits will improve your strength and balance, which will help prevent falls.

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