Happy for 2015

When the new year begins people begin to make resolutions. Most of the resolutions involve ditching unhealthy habits and going for goals you have not tried or given enough attention to. Several people give up on their resolutions early into the year and very few carry them on to the end of the year. I invite you to try Tai Chi for 2015. People who practice Tai Chi tend to stick to it because they enjoy it and it provides a lot of benefits. How about you try and be happy for 2015? Here are some reasons you may be unhappy and how Tai Chi may help:

You don’t like the way you look

Too many people don’t like the way they look and for some people, it is a cause of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. We did not all win the genetic lottery but there are a few things we can control. What don’t you like about how you look? If it’s your wardrobe – change it. There are lots of resources online and in stores for those who are not stylish. Maybe you need a new haircut or to just shave it all off.

The truth is, most people think they are too fat. Many are overweight, some are obese and some just want to shed a few pounds. If you don’t believe us look at the gyms after January 1st and the specials on weight loss food and products around New Year’s. Tai Chi is not a gut-wrenching, huffy-puffy, Rocky-montage-imitating type of exercise but it is aerobic and helps people lose weight. It is gentle, requires no gym membership or cold winter running but it works. As always, seek your medical professional’s advice before you begin any exercise regime. Change the things you can to make yourself happy!

You are always tired, unenergetic

Even the most patient and nice person can turn into a crabby monster when he or she is always tired. Then everyone is mad at the person and the person feels worse. Tired and unhappy! Believe it or not, a rule of thumb for feeling lethargic, drained and all around tired is to exercise! It defies logic and it feels like the last thing you want to do, but exercise has been shown to help people feel more energetic, even those who are in treatment for cancer. Tai Chi is a lot more welcoming of an option for a tired person then going on a 3-mile run. It is also much kinder to your knees than a run!

Additionally, poor sleep or lack of sleep can make you tired and irritable. Tai Chi can help you sleep by soothing chronic pain, easing stress and getting you relaxed. A rested you is a happy you!

However, remember to check with your doctor because if you are getting enough sleep and exercise but you still feel tired, something else could be at play – like Anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and more.

You are depressed.

We don’t need to explain why a depressed person would be unhappy. Many people are shocked to learn that someone who seemed so happy suffered such deep depression until it’s too late. The truth is, some depressed persons learn to mask their suffering and even fleeting happiness may not mean a happy life. Depression is more than just a sad time or a case of the blues. It is a clinical condition to be diagnosed and treated. It is a problem among older adults because many are at a stage in life full of change, uncertainty, death of friends and relatives and loss of independence. Some medications for other conditions can also lead to depression.

A depressed person should always seek professional help, but Tai Chi can help alleviate some symptoms of depression such as lethargy, insomnia and stress.

You don’t feel part of a family or group.

Older adults often complain of feeling unneeded, isolated and even bored. These feelings can lead to a very unhappy lifestyle. The best way to make some new, great friends is to find people with common interests. There’s a better way to do it than scour the internet and approaching strangers on the street. Take a local Tai Chi class. People who take Tai Chi classes report a camaraderie that develops among them and lasts for years. It is a structured environment so you don’t just have to show up and stare embarrassingly at each other but relaxing enough to bond.

So get out there, find a Tai Chi class and have some happiness in your life.

You are sick.

The last time being sick was fun was probably when you got to skip school and got waited on hand and foot. But if it was fun, you probably weren’t very sick. As we get older, we develop Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, breathing problems and especially week muscles and joints. This means that you cannot eat a lot of the things you like to eat or do many activities you used to enjoy. How are you supposed to be happy then? Some things cannot be fixed or reversed but Tai Chi does help make some things better. Tai Chi has been shown to boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure and develop and maintain muscles strong enough to stay upright and balanced.

Falls and fear of falling are the #1 cause of institutionalization for older adults. The healthier and stronger you are, the more likely you are to keep doing what you love and remain independent. Independent movement is independent living.



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