Sun Tai Chi History

Already proficient in both both XingYi Quan and Bagua Zhang, Sun Lu Tang was already a very famous and accomplished martial artist when he was first introduced to Taiji by Hao Weizheng of the Wu/Hao style Taiji. Hao Weizheng had been a student of Li I-yu. Li I-yu was an early… Continue reading

Styles of Tai Chi

A practitioner of Tai Chi spending some time honing his skill at the beach.

When most people think of the different styles of Tai Chi they usually draw to mind images of the 5 major styles; Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao (Wu) and Sun style taijiquan. Some more knowledgeable practitioners may even think of Zhao Bao, a lesser known but important style of taiji from… Continue reading

Feed Your Brain

Troyce posing like one of the statues at the Chen Museum.

A couple of months ago a few of my girlfriends and I were waiting to go to dinner together. While we waited for other friends to join us we chatted about this and that as girls tend to do. One of my friends showed us a small credit card-sized magnifying glass… Continue reading